Collection Service   If you live in unincorporated Palm Beach County and have a collection problem or concern, you can contact Customer Information Services at 561-697-2700.

Trash is picked up in Amberwoods on the following days:

  • Saturday

    Garbage and Recycling (yellow and blue recycling bins).

  • Wednesday

    Garbage and Yard Waste – Yard waste is collected manually by a different truck than the garbage and is limited to 6 cubic yards (CYs) per week (the equivalent volume of 3 standard-sized refrigerators). Don’t know what this is, watch this video to find out.

    NOTE: If your yard waste is not picked up on this day (and it is not tagged to indicate that it does not meet requirements) then please call the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority at: 561-697-2700.

Holiday Collection Schedule

For a list of holidays and collection dates please see:

Bulk Trash

Rules for bulk pickup: Go to link: and enter your street address and a calendar comes up with pickup days noted.

If you have bulky items or too much trash/yard waste for a regular Wednesday or Saturday collection day, it is your responsibility to bring the excess back from the street and place it in your garage or behind a fence until 3 pm on Tuesday or Friday (the day before the next collection day), per Palm Beach County Ordinance. To avoid this extra work, call Southern Waste Authority at 561-697-2700 and arrange for a separate pickup.

For more info please check out the Solid Waste Authority website at: