Boca Del Mar Master Association
Boca Del Mar Communities Map

L47 Canal Bank Maintenance

L47 Canal Bank Maintenance

Street & Sidewalk Maintenance, Flooding Problems

Water Utility, Possible Sinkhole Problems

Customer service: 561-338-7300
Water & Sewer Emergencies: 561-338-7339

Flood Factor Map

Here is a Flood Factor Map with detailed flood risk information that predicts future risk as well as current. You can search by home address. Properties along the L47 canal are in the lowest category, which includes 30 year projections. This bodes well for the future values in Amberwoods, particularly as the negative impact on coastal homes increases.

Law Enforcement

Amberwoods is part of the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association. Two PBSO Deputies routinely patrol our neighborhood. One works 7am-3pm Monday-Friday and the other works 3pm-11pm Monday-Friday. They can be reached by calling the Boca Del Mar Association at 561 368-1504 or the Sheriff’s Office 561 995-2800 (District 7 Non-Emergency phone #). The Sheriff’s Office website for our district is:
In emergencies always call 911.

Non-emergency PB Code Enforcement Contact Information

Here are some websites where you can monitor the low amount of crime in our area: (Thanks to our Deputies!)

Tree Removal

You will need documentation from a certified arborist or a Florida landscape architect in order to remove a tree.
Here is a link to the Florida Statutes addressing this subject:
Tree pruning, trimming, or removal on residential property

Street Light Outage

– Within Amberwood’s: Contact with the closest home address to the light.
– Along Palmetto Circle North: Call FPL at 561-697-8000 and report pole #.
Streetlight Table – Location, Owner, Responsible for repair, How to report

Amberwoods Rule Enforcement

Check the By-Laws and Restrictions

Questions or concerns regarding properties in Amberwoods:
– e-mail your questions or comments to:
Attach a digital photo of the property/area if possible.

Animal Complaints

Animal Complaints (barking, animal on loose, etc.)
call: Palm Beach County Sheriff (south county) 561-995-2800
Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control 561-276-1344