Amberwoods is a pleasant family oriented community in West Boca Raton, Florida. There are 215 homes in our association. It is located close to good schools, convenient shopping, hospitals, universities, public parks and beaches. There is an adjacent fire and rescue station and also a police substation. It is not located on a major road but it is close to Interstate 95 and to the Florida Turnpike.

Board of Director meetings are held monthly online via Zoom, usually on the 1st Wednesday after the 20th of the month at 8:00 PM online. Anyone who would like to attend a board meeting should use the Contact Us form to request an invitation to the meeting. Please be sure to fill in your email, Amberwoods Street Address of property you own in Amberwoods and provide your phone number, otherwise you will not be able to attend the online Board Meeting. Please see the Calendar web page for specific meeting dates. You can view the Amberwoods June 2024 Website Hits.

At the Board’s Annual Budget Meeting on October 25, 2023, the Board approved the Amberwoods 2024 Budget.

  – The 2024 HOA Dues invoices will be mailed the first week of January 2024. The Dues will be $515.

  – Review your dues invoice carefully, pay the total amount owed as indicated on the invoice.

  – Payment in full must be received by Victory Accounting no later than April 1, 2024. Keep a record of your payment.

To reduce Association expenses, the Board has eliminated paper storage and closed the HOA PO Box, saving about $700/year.  To minimize the amount of paper the Board must store in the future:

Annual Owners’ Meetings are held on the 1st Monday in March.

Amberwoods Homeowners’ Association is self-managed by the Board of Directors.  The Board’s email address is:

This year’s Annual Owners’ Meeting was held on February 26, 2024 at Sugar Sand Park.  A summary of the meeting was sent to all owners and is available on the Meeting Minutes webpage.

The 2024-25 Board of Directors:

  • Deborah Covitz – President
  • Mike Lynch – Vice President
  • Toby Maners – Treasurer
  • Julie Goodwin – Secretary
  • Glenn Calabrese – Director
  • Brenda Wise – Director

• Signs for Board and owners’ meetings are posted at the community entrances.

Please see our Hurricane Preparation tab to be prepared for hurricane season.

Please read our Amberwoods September 2023 Newsletter.

For Future County, State, Federal Elections Consider Voting By Mail:
To request a Vote by Mail ballot (Palm Beach County) please go to:

Order Your Amberwoods Matching Mailbox
We are displaying the Amberwoods matching mailbox at: 6230 Amberwoods Drive. If you are interested in ordering a matching mailbox (including removal of your old mailbox and installation of new mailbox in concrete) please call the Beautiful Mailbox Retail Department at 800-856-6983, tell them that you would like to purchase an Amberwoods Matching Mailbox, and ask them to have Eliana Molina place your order. You can pay with a credit card or mail in a check. Thanks!