Actions That Don’t Cost the Owner Anything:

• Lock vehicle every night; don’t leave anything valuable inside. PBSO says that 90% of vehicle break-ins are not actual break-ins because it turns out that the vehicle wasn’t locked. The thieves are “opportunistic” and if a vehicle is locked they usually move on.
• Remove garage door remote from vehicle every night.
• Bring vehicle keys into the house. If vehicle has remote lock, lock vehicle from inside the house when you lock up the rest of the house.
• Keep keys by bedside at night and use the “panic” button to start vehicle alarm if break-in occurs.
• If vehicle is “push-button start”, store the key fob in the house and far enough away that the vehicle won’t start if a thief breaks into the vehicle.
• Take PBSO Security Self-survey

Actions That Require Financial Investment by the Owner:

• If vehicle doesn’t have an alarm, invest in an after-market alarm.
• Keep front lights on all night. If needed, add a front post light for extra light.
• Add always-on or motion-activated video cameras and lights to front of house and put a sign in the front yard.
• Clean out garage (donate/rent a storage locker) and park 1 or 2 vehicles in the garage.
• Secure interior door between garage and house from inside with a deadbolt.
• Invest in a monitored home security system and put a sign in the front yard.