Verde Elementary School Will Be Rebuilt to become K-8

The rebuilding of Verde Elementary school and the planned bus route for Amberwoods for this coming school year 2019-2020 are described in the following links:

Additional info can be found on the Palm Beach County School District website at:

New Elementary School

The state has approved a new elementary school for Boca Raton, to be built close to Don Estridge Middle School. After it’s built, Verde Elementary students will attend this new school while Verde Elementary is torn down and rebuilt on its current site.

School Bus Stop Problems?

Complaints from multiple homeowners (who pay taxes and vote in elections) will have more impact than a single complaint from the Association:
• Meet with your neighbors and agree on a common solution;
• Attend a School Board meeting and address the Board;
• Call and write the PBC School District AND your School Board Representative;
• Call PBC Schools Bus Transportation.
Register your complaint, describe the problem, and suggest a specific new location for the bus stop.

Attend School Board meetings and voice your complaint and suggestions there:
Meetings start at 5pm in the Board Room, 3300 Forest Hill Blvd, W. Palm Beach, Florida 33406
Procedures for Addressing the Board:
Call Board Office at 561-434-8136 to sign up by noon the day of the meeting, or turn in a blue card to the Board Clerk prior to meeting being called to order.

Write and Call School District of Palm Beach County
Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center

3300 Forest Hill Boulevard
West Palm Beach FL 33406
Phone: (561) 434-8000, (866) 930-8402
Dr. Donald E. Fennoy II, Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent’s Office: 561-629-8566
Keith Oswald, Deputy Superintendent and Chief of Schools
Phone(561) 649-6805
3300 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite C-316
West Palm Beach FL 33406

Write and Call Your Rep on PBC School Board – Amberwoods is in District 5, Rep. Frank Barbieri

Frank A. Barbieri, Jr., Esq., District 5 (Board Chair)
Term Expires: November 2020
Assistant: Maria Baez
Phone: 561-434-7481

Call PBC Schools Bus Transportation M-F 6am – 6pm 561-357-1110
Policy 2.26 Bus Scheduling, Routing, Stops and Storage
5. Bus Route or Stop Changes.

a. Changes in Routes or Bus Stops.

    The Director of Transportation is authorized to accept and consider requests for a change in a bus route or bus stop, and to make such changes based upon good cause. Good cause shall not include changes in bus routes or bus stops to accommodate personal/individual needs or decisions that are made in an arbitrary and capricious manner.